Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BoaVentura de Caires Winery

Here we are at the vineyard tasting room

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Best wine I've ever tasted.

I had the chance to visit some very nice wineries in Livermore, California last week. We picnicked at Wente Vineyards where we had a personal cave tour, sampled wines at the Steven Kent Winery, Murrieta's Well, Concannon Vineyards, BoaVentura, Rios-Lovell Estate and Retzlaff Vineyards specializing in organic wines. We also drank a wine from White Crane Winery and had Veuve Clicquot Champagne with our Egg Bake breakfast at the Baisey Estate. The highlight of wine on this trip was at a dinner table in the house of Larry and Lisa Green when we opened a bottle Larry had purchased at a boutique winery called BoaVentura. The wine was a 2004 Estate Bottled BoaVentura Cabernet Sauvignon - Bottle #320 of one thousand. This was the best wine I have ever tasted! It was so velvety and complex, resembling stewed red currants, chocolate and tobacco, a very smooth flavor that lingered for a perfect finish. I only wish I would have purchased more wine!

By: Mark S. Painter