Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cool Ice

I have had the privilege of making my own 300 pound blocks of ice at the school for sculpting demonstrations and competitions.  I have been experimenting with freezing things in the ice blocks and dying the ice with food coloring.  Below are a few of my more recent ice experiments:

This was supposed to be some sort of a scary deep sea, fish-like creature. 

I sometimes think my work stinks!  But what can you do?

Here is a swan I did for my wife, Kerri Jo.
Happy Mother's Day to you, Kj...
every day.

Swans and Harps do seem to be in demand this year - I'll have to change that up.

Another Swan - and what's up with this apron - is that Duck Tape?

Another Swan! -Never realized how many swans I'd done.

Back Side showing the spinal column - She is an 'Alien Chick' who sported a sword and had a double luge.

Calamari di Comunale

Calamari di Comunale
This dish is a tribute to my mother; Comunale is her maiden name.

The pasta is home made using squid ink and then rolled through a pasta machine

Plating is an important aspect of culinary presentation

The final presentation includes an elegant harp ice sculpture I created for the occasion and a luscious Italian Pinot Grigio 

Check out the Link below to see it in action...Link yet to be installed

Chef Mark S.Painters Calamari d' Comunale