Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rewards of Teaching

Greetings Everyone!

I have been teaching Culinary Arts at PPCC for five years now and with each semester I have the priveledge of meeting, working with and educating future chefs. 

Not all who go through our school will become chefs.  As we all know a chef is someone who will go the extra mile, work harder and longer then the average cook.  A chef studies more, learns more and develops individuals, creates the menu and leads a kitchen.

So what does my opinion of what a chef is have to do with the rewards of teaching?

I've seen many students through out the years of teaching moved on into kitchens around the area, country and even the world, and grow into very good culinarians.  Some have even started their own restaurants, catering businesses, and cooking shows and a few are now chefs. 

Just before Christmas this year, I was relaxing at the homefront enjoying my wonderful home nicely decorated with a fresh beautiful Pointsetta for the holidays.  The phone rang and a grateful past student Nathan Jordan called to inform me of his new promotion.  He was now Sous Chef at his latest job. 

Nathan wanted to invite my wife and I in for a dinner.  This was his way of thanking me for all that I had taught him in his years at the college.  He told me that I influenced him so much and that he would have not done so well if not for me.  Wow!  That made my toque tight and of course, I accepted.  

We went out to an excellent dinner at Nosh Restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs.   I had been to Nosh a few times before and enjoyed it just fine.  Now they had a new chef, sous chef and menu to offer.

Shane Lyons is the Excutive Chef and Nathan is the Sous.  We were greeted by both chefs at arrival and told not to order.  They had planned our meal for us.  Our meal went like this:

A Flight of Soups--Coconut & Lentil, Puree of Carrot with Chile Oil and Butternut Squash Bisque with Apple Butter & Brown Sugar
Excellent Starter!

 Spicy Buffilo Wings
Perfect Crispyness and Flavor on These Wings

A Salad Trio of Beet Caprese, Basil chiffonade, Pesto and Cheese

Shredded Buffalo with Breaded Onions and Pickled Carrots
A Chicken Liver Pate with Pickled Red Onion and Whipped Honey

Bangers --Apple Sausage and Miso Sausage
These were excellent!

Chicken with Brown Sugar Apple Butter Sauce

Dessert! Okay--the dessert might need some attention!

What did we think?  Excellent flavors, beautiful atmosphere and great service.
Overall, this couple in shades gave it our Mark Of Excellence!