Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Gourmet Feast at Home

We've decided to share one of our special meals with all of you. Dining at the Painter house is often a gourmet event, and last night was no exception. Mark had our youngest, Liam, don an apron and chef hat and take on the role of sous chef. The menu would include warm water lobster tails (the biggest we'd seen in a long time), home made roasted bell pepper fettuccine, spinach with portobello mushrooms and French Viognier to accompany the meal.

Mark had his mise en place ready when we walked in the door and continued to roast the bell pepper as other items were being prepared. He instructed Liam to wash his hands and get ready to roll out the pasta dough. My job was to make a cocktail, take pictures and keep the video rolling. Mark tends to throw out many commands when he's in the kitchen, mainly due to his experience as a Chef. I still am not used to being told what to do, so I made my cocktail a little stronger.

Above are some of the products of my work as I documented Mark's work. As soon as I discover how to upload video, you will see the work as it progressed.
I have to say, even though I was a bit resistant--silly to resist a fabulous lobster meal--everything was delectable and beautiful! We have to give kudos to Kathy, our Safeway fish monger, for the heads up on the great deal, and commend Cheers for steering us to the Viognier that paired so nicely with the buttery poached lobster tail. Enjoy the visual feast and trust that the meal was definitely a labor of love and eaten with joy.