Thursday, February 11, 2010

Okay, so hello! Wow! I guess I've not attended to this blog in awhile. I suppose I should get something going on here. When I looked at the date of my last posting, I realized I'd been focusing only on studies. I've had my nose in the books and forgotten to comment on my adventures.

Here's what's new. A new semester has started and we are off and running! My classes are International Cuisine, Center of the Plate and Wines and Spirits. I've been avidly studying anything I can get my hands on--grapes from the northern Rhone; cooking styles and ingredients of Japan; soil types and grape varieties in Italy...if not studying, I'm breaking down a leg of lamb and turning it into a beautiful roast or preparing a Thai dinner for friends at my home.

I have noticed with the passing of each semester, the students keep getting smarter and smarter. I literally have to challenge myself to keep ahead of the curve. I learn more and more so that I remain a valuable resource for my students.

I would truly be lost in the dust if I did not continue to expand myself. Cooking, competing, reading & studying, attending culinary activities, donating time to fundraisers and dining out are just a few of the things I do to keep current. If I had one message to share from all of this, it's simply, Staying on top of your game requires a constant fuel of knowledge. Feed yourself delectable tid bits of information to satisfy the hunger that is.

Here's a tasty tid bit for you--The Declaration of Independence was signed with a toast of Madeira. Check this out:

Mark S. Painter, CEC