Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cowboy Cooking in Colorado

Ed Painter~ Montrose, Colorado

Camping and Cooking...always an adventure.

Trying to make gourmet while out on the ranch or range is an exciting challenge.  The main mission ~  have a good cowboy weekend with my son Liam and brother Ed.  But of course, I love to cook!

My focus...cook clean and make great tasting food.  Final presentation takes a back seat when cooking in the wilderness.  Most important, lots of flavor!  So, we peeled onions, sliced garlic and roasted chiles more than once during our cookouts.  Even in my camping gear I keep stores of spices and dried herbs like thyme, mint and sage.  You never know when you want to add them to a dish.
We found some hard wood (Apricot) and an old grill that was missing its legs.  We  put them both to good use to create a delicious steak dinner, outdoors - Colorado Cowboy Style.

A quick stop for some Vino to go with our meal

Through the woods and across the river

Finding the Perfect spot for our cookout

For an ideal dry heat cooking method, burn the hardwood down to just hot coals - No flame!
Getting things started

Initial Stages of the Hardwood Fire - Getting smoked out

Cowboy Cook in action with the help of a few portable burners and cast iron

All together now, for some last minute warming over the fire.
This Italian Chianti went perfect with our
Wood Grilled Ribeye, Garlic Buttered Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms & Grilled Asparagus


The long ride home with Liam bringing up the rear, and moving a bit slow!
By: Chef Mark S. Painter - The Italian Cowboy