Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Semester and yet another great Mexican Food buffet!
This class prepared the following items:
Carne Asada, Frijoles; Spanish Rice; Salsa; Homemade Flour and Corn Tortillas; Guacamole, Pork Green Mole; Chicken Enchiladas; Pork Tamales; Shrimp Veracruz; Pozole, Marinated Red Onion Salad; Fresh Tropical Fruit display; Tamillio, Horchata and Virgin Pina Coladas, and Chef Mike's baking class brought over Orange Flans, Churros, Sopapillas, a Mexican Chocolate Cake, Cookies and Rice Pudding. WOW what a class this was. I even did a quick ice sculpture of a sbarro cactus for the presentation.

Each Semester I buy a few more cooking utensils, Plates or Pans to fit the theme of the countries we cover. My Asian & Thai equipment consumes a whole tote box of it's own, and this semester I purchased a few more Mexican plates as well. Below is a gathering of my stuff when doing Mexican buffets.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fruits of my Garden labor

Playing in the garden. After countless hours of seeding, weeding and watering I have harvested a few goodies. Below is a Chive Blossom Salad with baby radishes, toasted pine nuts and a wild berry vinaigrette. A nice light lunch after working in the hot summer sun.
Below was a light dinner of grilled portabello, fresh garden vegetables and lettuce with pine nuts and bambo & jasmine rice pilaf

One of my passion's is relaxing in the garden, here is one of my small gardens in the back yard.