Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wild Game - Are you Game?

 Cooking game is great!  It's fun to create a
recipe to showcase different game meats.  This one features
Elk Loin from my nephew Jamie's 2011 hunt.

(My 2011 hunt was fruitless!)

At a low temp, carmelize the onions. When they are browned just right add the garlic.  
Shortly after, deglaze with a little something you have on hand. 
This California Zinfandel adds a bold, peppery fruitiness.

 These medallions are dusted with cracked black pepper and
pan fried in a clarified butter & olive oil blend.
 Basting the medallions while pan frying them helps to ensure even cooking.
 When the steaks near a perfect medium rare temp, I'll add finely chopped shallots
 and a few tablespoons of orange marmalade.

Next, I deglaze the pan
with an old Spanish Port and add a light brown sauce.
Finally, a monter au beurre and the sauce is just right.

The Final Dish:
Sweet buttered Yams with dried Cherries and sliced Almonds,
Diced Russet Potato and Fresh Pork Side Hash,
Steamed Broccoli, Caramelized and Drunken Onions with Garlic 
and our Main ingredient... Elk Loin

This is a homemade delight!
All I needed was some fried potato gaufrettes and this would have been fine dining worthy!

Chef Mark S. Painter,

Mark Of Excellence